Passover Store Pesach Seder Night Sale

Welcome to the official Passover store on the internet. We provide you the best Passover supplies and gifts for the holiday available by hundreds of artists at a price and value point unmatched anywhere on the internet. Shop online for Passover Seder Plates, Matza Plates, Matza Covers, Passover Seder Pillows, Kids & adult Presents, Haggadahs, Elijah Cups, Miriam Cups, Haroset Dish Sets and much much more.Passover Seder Plates: We literally carry hundreds of Passover Seder plates all in stock for fast shipping. Choose from the latest designs and styles and match them with a matza plate and seder and matza linens. Beautiful sets in ceramic, glass, stoneware, and even disposable plastic tableware for Passover. Matza Holders: Here we have a selection of square, round and stand up Matza holders in a variety of materials and styles. Matza Holders are used throughout the 8 days of Passover and dedicated as kosher for passover used only on Passover. A convenient practical way to serve your matza on the table at all times. Haggadahs: The haggadah the quintessential text to be read in telling over the story of the exodus and redemption is available in many languages and pictorial options with even phoentic translation to make the Passover Seder night accessible , meaningful and enjoyable for all.Passover Presents: In this department you’ll find the most unique gifts and presents specially made for the Passover holiday. Weather you’re a hostess or host, child, youth or adult you’ll find it all here.  Especially noted, are Passover Seder night gifts and children’s aids for a much more meaningful experience of the Passover seder night.Elijah Cups & Miriam Cups: The Elijah cup is poured as the 5th cup and left at the center of the table symbolizing the expectant Elijah to visit and announce the redemption prior to the coming of Moshiach.